Is air conditioning noisy?

Not at all. Our modern air conditioning units come with a silent mode intended for use at night time in bedrooms. Still unsure? Why not come to our show room where you can listen to operating units for yourself.

Is it expensive to run?

Heidi only supplies units with a European Energy Efficiency Class of A+ or better. This means that your system will be both cost and energy efficient to run, in both heating and cooling mode.

Do air conditioning units make good heaters?

Air conditioning is one of the most efficient methods of heating available. Our most efficient air conditioning units use less than a quarter of the power of direct electric heating, meaning you could save 75% on the heating of these rooms. What's more the quick heat up times, combined with the fine temperature control granted by the inverter driven compressors make our air conditioning units ideal for constant or occasional use.

How long does it take to install?

This will depend on the size of system, the length of the pipe run and other site factors. A small single split (one indoor unit and one outdoor unit) will usually be completed in a day, with larger systems taking longer.

Whilst we endeavour to complete all work as quickly as possible, Heidi do not place time constraints on our engineers so that even if a job takes longer than anticipated, our engineers can still take the time to complete the job to the highest installation standards.

Will there be a lot of disruption?

Heidi are experienced at working in a variety of domestic and commercial environments and strive to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

How are the systems controlled?

We can supply a wide range of controllers to suit all needs. If you need more than the wired wall mount controllers, wireless remote controllers or smartphone app, then give us a call and ask one of our engineers about bespoke control options.

Do you supply portable air conditioning units / stand alone air conditioning units?

No. In our experience portable air conditioning units are usually noisy, inefficient and often fail just outside of their warranty. Our recommendation is that you fit a good quality, split air conditioning system which will give you many years of reliable use.

How does air conditioning work?

In simplified terms air conditioning works based on two scientific concepts. The first is that when a substance boils or evaporates it absorbs energy (in this case heat) to do this. This is why you can feel cold, even on a sunny day, if you are wet. Conversely when it condenses it gives up some of it's heat energy. The second concept is that changing the pressure of a fluid changes it's boiling/evaporating temperature.

So by altering the pressure of the fluid - in our case the refrigerant - you can change it's boiling point to be lower than the ambient temperature. It will then evaporate, absorbing heat in the process. By moving this refrigerant somewhere else and changing it's pressure again, you can cause it to condense, giving up the heat which it earlier gained.

By continuously repeating this cycle, it is possible to move large amounts of heat from one place to another, using only the energy which it takes to run the compressor and fans.

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