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MCS Approved Heat Pump Installers

We install, repair and service heat pump systems throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

As an MCS approved business installations completed by us are eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme which currently offers a £7500 subsidy to qualifying installations 

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Air Source Heat Pumps for Heating and Hot Water

An air source heat pump is sometimes referred to as an air to water heat pump and does the same job as a conventional boiler, but, is much more efficient.

A heat pump system works like a refrigerator, but in reverse by absorbing heat from the outside air. This heat is concentrated via a cycle of evaporation and compression, then transferred into your home's central heating and hot water system.

A heat pump effectively generates free heat from the air - and it's reliable, even when the outside temperature falls to as low as -28ºC.

High temperature for older homes  

The Daikin high temperature unit provides temperatures of up to 70ºC allowing you to keep your existing radiators.

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Oil / gas boiler replacement

Heat pumps are cheaper to run than fossil fuel boilers and eliminate the need for gas or oil. The absence of combustion means no flue gases with their associated odour and reduced CO2 emissions. 

We take pride in our workmanship and always endeavour to install pipework and cabling as neatly as practicable.

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