When purchasing a heat pump it is essential that you select a reputable and established installer who has the technical capability to install a solution that is right for your home or business.

We have compiled a list of the most common question we are asked beginning with a list of questions you may wish to put to prospective suppliers.

Can your engineers fault find the refrigeration circuit on a heat pump as I know someone whose heat pump developed an internal fault and it had to be repaired by a third party Company after a long delay.

  • As an FGas certified company we have the technical ability and equipment to identify and resolve any faults within the refrigeration circuit.

Does your company sub contract out any of the work involved in a heat pump installation?

  • No, all work is carried out in house by qualified heating engineers, FGas engineers and electricians.

Will a heat pump work with my existing heating system?

  • Heat pumps will work with most existing heating systems. It will sometimes be necessary to replace old radiators with newer high efficiency models.

How much will a heat pump cost?

  • It depends on the size of property, a small unit providing just heating can be installed for as little as £3000.

How noisy are heat pumps?

  • Modern heat pumps are incredibly quiet. They generally make less noise than the boilers they replace.

I've heard that heat pumps need to run all the time, but I am out in the daytime. Can a heat pump work for me?

  • Yes. Fast recovery means you can set your heat pump system to bring your property back up to temperature when you return home.

In basic terms how does a heat pump work and what makes it so efficient?

  • A heat pump moves heat from one location to another. In our case a low speed fan draws outside air with low temperature energy over a heat exchanger, the low heat is passed from the heat exchanger and compressed so the temperature increases. This increase in temperature is then transferred to your central heating system. The efficiency is created by the vapour compression cycle similar to that in a domestic refrigerator. A typical efficiency of 300% is achieved by using 1kW of electrical power to produce 3kW of heating in the heating system.

We are a large family and use a lot of hot water, will the heat pump meet our hot water needs?

  • Yes, the heat pump heats water in a hot water cylinder like a conventional boiler allowing it to drawn off as required.

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