Domestic Heat Pump Selector

Follow the simple step by step guide below to select your heat pump.

Disclaimer: Please note that this tool is not intended to replace a full heat loss survey and must not be relied upon for any final determination of your heating or hot water requirements or final design of your heat pump system.

How many bedrooms does your property have?

1 1 Bed
2 2 Bed
3 3 Bed
4 4 Bed
5 5 Bed

Which of these best describes your property?

Maisonette /

Which of these best describes your property?

End Terraced

Which of these best describes your walls?

Cavity Filled
Cavity Not Filled
No Cavity

Which of these best describes your windows?

Double Glazed Wood or PVC
Double Glazed Metal Frames
Single Glazed Wood or PVC
Single Glazed Metal Frames

Which of these best describes your roof?

Pitched <50mm Insulation
Pitched 50-75mm Insulation
Pitched >75mm Insulation
Flat Uninsulated
Flat Insulated

Based on the information provided the following unit has been selected:

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To confirm suitability of the selected equipment it is strongly recommended that a site survey is carried out by ourselves to advise on any improvements to the existing heating system such as (but not limited to) pipework and radiator upgrades and/or additional insulation works for the efficient operation of the system.