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Multi-Room Air Conditioning Pricing

Use this tool to select and get a quote for air conditioning for multiple rooms in the same building. Just looking for a quote for a single room? Use our Simplified Tool.


You are currently using the domestic version of this tool. You can change your selection below.

Add your rooms below to get an instant budgetary quotation. For best results do separate quotes for rooms that are not near to each other, and potential outdoor unit locations. For example, get one quote for rooms on the left hand side of the building, and a separate quote for rooms on the right hand side.

Disclaimer: Please note that this tool is not intended to replace a survey and must not be relied upon for any final determination of your requirements or final design of your air conditioning system.

1 Any costs are merely indicative and are based on a standard installation. Prices do not include the provision of electrical supplies to the outdoor units. Any prices listed do not represent an offer by Heidi Air Conditioning Ltd to sell you or provide you with any goods or services.

What is Multi-Split?

Multi-split is a single outdoor unit that supports up to 5 indoor units.

A 'twin split' to cool your bedroom and living room, or the 5-way multi could provide heating and cooling to your whole house.

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