R22 Phase Out

What is it?

R22 is a refrigerant that used to be commonly used in air conditioning systems and chillers. However, it is harmful to the environment and as such has been slowly phased out.

As of 1st January 2015, European regulations made it illegal to service any air conditioning system using R22.

Does it affect me?

If you have an existing air conditioning unit or chiller using R22 then the ban will affect you, particularly in situations where system down-time is important.

Because faults will not be repairable, faulty systems will need replacing, potentially resulting in unhappy tenants, loss of revenue and complaints. Faults in server room air conditioning and food chillers could also result in damage to equipment or stock.

What can I do?

Replacing your old units with a new, efficient system could save you a lot of problems down the line. Changing the unit at a time to suit you will minimise the disruption and you will also benefit from the greatly reduced running costs of a modern, efficient system with a new warranty.

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