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Wi-Fi Controlled Air Conditioning

Wireless Air Conditioning Management

With MELCloud from Mitsubishi Electric, your air conditioning system can connect wirelessly and securely to the internet. Using the dedicated iPhone and iPad (iOS 6.0+), Android (2.3.3+) and Windows Phone (8.1+) apps you can then control multiple units using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Wifi controlled air conditioning on smartphone

Fully Featured

  • Full remote system control
  • Remotely set timers and schedules
  • View real time information on room temperature and system status
  • Receive email alerts on loss of connectivity or system faults (ideal for server rooms and other critical uses)
  • Set frost protection mode
  • View operation and temperature history
  • Localised weather feeds

Want to know more?

More information on MELCloud can be found at the Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud website.

Alternatively, to see the system working and try out the app for yourself why not visit our showroom. Please call 01242 821438 to book an appointment.

Please note that the Wi-fi adaptor is not compatible with all wireless routers. Please call us for further guidance.

Why not call or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements

Call 01242 821438 to book an appointment

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